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DVM, Ph.D., Diplomado ECBHM

Dr. Giovanni Maria Gnemmi

Giovanni is a bovine practitioner working for the Spanish company BOVINEVET INTERNACIONAL Bovine Ultrasound Services & Herd Management and as professor of bovine reproductive pathology at the veterinary faculty of the Catholic University San Vincente Martir of Valencia (ES).

Since 1993, Dr. Gnemmi has been working with ultrasonography in cattle, trying to incorporate this method in herd management. Dr. Gnemmi’s fields of interest are reproductive management (ultrasound diagnosis of embryonic death, follicular dynamics, synchronization programs, uterine and ovary ultrasonography, transition management), preventive medicine and continuing education of dairy workers and veterinarians. In these areas of expertise, he has developed an international experience, both as a consultant to large-very large herd managers in Europe, South America, China, Middle East, Africa and as an instructor in more than 280 training courses in the world.

He’s the author of 2 atlases on bovine reproductive ultrasonography (Le Point Veterinaire 2004, MEDCOM 2010 French version, Blackwell 2011 English version). He has numerous publications, many of them in peer-reviewed journals and has presented approximately 300 invited lectures at national-international meetings.

Giovanni Maria Gnemmi
Cristina Maraboli


Dr. Cristina Maraboli

Cristina is a buiatrics veterinary. Together with Dr. Giovanni Maria Gnemmi, she is a founding member of Bovinevet SVA. in 1999 and of the Spanish company BOVINEVET INTERNACIONAL Bovine Ultrasound Services & Herd Management in 2019 of which she is the CEO.

In 2021 she completed a Postgraduate Master in Veterinary Management and Marketing at the Catholic University of Salta.

At Bovinevet she is dedicated to the administrative and financial management of the company and the management of communication with clients. She is also co-responsible for the front and remote training area.

She is co-author of a large number of publications in journals dedicated to the sector.


Dr. Benedetta Gnemmi

Benedetta is a veterinarian since 2020. Since September 2021 she has been working at Bovinevet Internacional SL.

In recent years, she has participated in various courses held by Bovinevet Internacional SL. and she carried out various work and training experiences in the field of cattle reproduction and herd management abroad (Italy and Argentina) and in Spain.

In Bovinevet she is in charge of the graphic and linguistic editorial section of the society and also collaborates in the development of training projects.